New features have arrived!

New features have arrived!

October 6, 2022

Ever since our launch in July, we have been receiving a ton of constructive feedback and feature requests from our users. We are thrilled to announce that the first batch of feature requests has been implemented and released!

This update primarily focuses on the most critical component of the RangeFlow experience – Email delivery.

Email delivery is crucial for a successful cold email campaign. Reaching the inboxes of your potential customers is the first step in your sales process, and we are committed to making sure you get the highest delivery rates possible.

A key factor in email delivery is the timing of your email sent. Our new Send Time Optimization (STO) features give you the confidence that your emails will be sent on schedule and at the optimal time for maximum inbox delivery.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

Email Sending Frequency:

You can now choose how many emails you’d like to send each hour from an email-sending account, This allows you to control the flow of emails and avoid landing in the spam folder.

The default setting is 5 emails per hour. We generally do not recommend increasing those default settings to more than 30. However, you can increase the limit up to 50 emails per hour if you are confident that your email is properly warmed up for a higher sending rate.

To send human-like emails we randomize the time intervals between each email, but no less than 45 seconds. By default, RangeFlow randomly adds a delay between your email messages.

This way, your message is less likely to be caught in a SPAM filter as the email frequency appears more natural.

Advanced Scheduling:

Schedule your emails to go out at specific times, or have them automatically sent when new emails are added to the pipeline.

To schedule your emails, simply click on the “Schedule Email” button located at the top right of the email composer. From there, you can choose the timezone, day, and time you’d like your email to be sent.

By selecting a timezone, you can make sure your email is delivered at the specified time for your recipients. This way, you can take full control of your campaign timing. 

If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re always happy to help!