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Automate your email outreach seamlessly, with zero learning curve using RangeFlow

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Zero Learning Curve​

Easily streamline your campaign. No confusing processes or tools to master. Continue working inside or import from your favorite sheets application (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets).

Send Human-Like Emails Automatically​

Nobody likes receiving emails from bots, and your recipients are no different. RangeFlow queues and sends emails one by one, just the way you’d send them manually.

Preview Your Email Before Sending​

RangeFlow gives you the option to preview each individual email and make any last-minute changes before hitting the send button.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes​

Avoid making the mistake of reaching out to the same prospect twice. RangeFlow automatically detects invalid and duplicate emails while filtering out any prospects previously contacted.

Collaborate With Your Team

Invite teams, assign roles, and work together on pipelines.


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Create Templates Around Different Segments

Using RangeFlow you can create email templates targeted to different market segments. This makes it easy for you to send super-targeted emails and follow-up with your prospects.

A/B Test To Find Your Best Converting Emails

Write better email copy by making your cold emailing results more predictable. A/B test emails and measure the success of your subject line, body, and follow-ups.

Send Perfectly Compliant Emails

RangeFlow’s smart template editor helps you create ICANN and GDPR-compliant email templates. This means no legal hassles and more potential clients.


Use Any Email Sending Service of Your Choice

Since RangeFlow uses SMTP to send emails, you can connect your AWS, Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or literally any email service in a matter of minutes.

Test for Email Bounces To Maintain Reputation

Use your favorite email validation service to automatically check for “No Bounce”, filter out bad emails and decrease your bounce rate.

Skip Spam Filters & Improve Deliverability

RangeFlow can send your emails one by one with irregular frequency so that they look natural and have a higher chance of reaching your prospect’s inbox.

Get Insights About Your Emails

Gain specific insights about the number of emails sent, bounced, opened and replied to. Also track your team’s performance right from the RangeFlow dashboard.

Follow Up

Track All Engagement: Email Opens, Replies And Clicks
Keep track of your email engagement in real-time and see when a prospect interacts with your messages to build a successful relationship.

Let Prospects Unsubscribe With a Reply
You can let your prospects automatically unsubscribe either with a link or a keyword, making your emails look more human.

Automatically Stop Follow Up Sequence

Worried about sending inappropriate follow-up email to prospects who’ve already responded? RangeFlow lets you automatically stop a follow-up sequence the moment your email gets a reply.

Use Conditional Follow Up Emails To Boost Open Rate

Create smart follow up emails based on key signals like email opens, clicks, replies and the pipeline stage — fetching you a higher response rate from your follow up messages.


Scan Your Prospects’ Details In The Gmail Sidebar and Dashboard

With RangeFlow allowing you to view prospect details in Gmail, you instantly know all about your prospect. Making it easy for you to reply back.

Organize Prospects

Right from changing your prospect’s stage in the pipeline, to setting up follow-up reminders, RangeFlow gives you the power to organize your pipeline efficiently.

Get Intelligent Follow Up Reminders

Never again drop the ball on a prospect because RangeFlow’s Smart ToDo intelligently reminds you when to follow-up with a prospect.


Integrate with your CRM

Easily import leads or export them by connecting your CRM or other platforms using Zapier.
Create Custom Pipeline WorkFlows

Build custom workflows based on your process within minutes and track prospects at different stages of the pipeline.

Get Insights About Your Emails

Gain specific insights about the number of emails opened, replies received and any bounces. Also, track the performance of team members right from your Google Sheets

Collaborate With Your Team

Invite teams, assign roles, and work together on pipelines.

Integrate With Your CRM

Easily import leads or export them by connecting your CRM or other platforms using Zapier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During the 14-day trial, you will be able to try and experience all the features of RangeFlow.

There is no limit to the number of users you can add during your trial. At the end of the trial, you can subscribe to the number of users you wish to continue using.

Once your trial ends, you have to choose the number of users you want to subscribe to the paid plan and set up billing. Until then all your campaigns are paused.

No. We do not require any payment details at the beginning of the free trial.

Yes, you can add any number of outgoing emails within your account but each email is charged as a user in the RangeFlow system.

Yes, we offer a way to integrate with thousands of apps and services via Zapier. Please contact us if you need help with your integration?

Well, RangeFlow allows you to send 1200 emails per account per Day. However, there may be limits on the email sending service you use with RangeFlow.

We take the safety and privacy of your data very seriously. We use (SSL) to protect all communications. And we comply with the GDPR for data protection.

If you choose to connect your Gmail account with RangeFlow, it enables you to send sales emails using your Gmail, reads your sales replies to automatically update your pipelines, manage labels and modify message labels. RangeFlow's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Read our Privacy Policy for more details.

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