About Us

About Us

How it all started:

We started our cold emailing out of sheer necessity. Our journey towards leveraging cold emails began when we had to promote our own B2B services but didn’t find a viable option to do so. Our goal was to not only promote our service, but also do it ethically.

Cold emailing turned out to be a valid method, but one that was obviously new to us. However, we knew that with a bit of trial and error, we could do it right. Initially, things didn’t go as smoothly as we thought they would.

We couldn’t find a cold emailing tool that was simple and easy to use. Most of them had a lot of bells and whistles, which made things even more complicated. We wanted something that gave us results without a huge learning curve.

The solution? We hacked our own “custom” cold emailing system using Google Sheets and Gmail for prospecting and sending out emails/replies.

This system slowly but surely evolved as we used it extensively. To make things easier for us, we wrote Google Sheet scripts that helped us automate our daily tasks. By building our own internal tools and processes, we didn’t have to depend on any other external tools.

RangeFlow is nothing but all out of learnings, experiences and systems packed into one powerful application that anyone can use to power their cold emailing campaigns.


Mohammad Mohiuddin


Akram Quraishi